Taste of Japan in Toronto


_ Find staff with specific set of skills and train them for a very specific event in a foreigner country
_ Manage event onsite and prevent any logistic, managerial and technical issues in real time
_ Make high class guests enjoy the convention

Client profile:
“Taste of Japan in Toronto” is presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. This event is focused on introducing and promoting Japanese diet and dietary culture to professionals of the food industry in Canada.

CL solution:

CL Inc. took care of the onsite management, the staffing, found perfect candidates for all the strategical position and trained them to make sure each single candidate understand values and goals of the clients to overcome their expectations.

  • 50%


  • 50%


  • 100%


  • 90%



Using CL Inc. extensive network and expertise, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan save efforts, time and money to find relay-able local staff with specific set of skills to manage the organization and flow of the convention on-site.
Events and seminar was on schedule without any issues.
“Taste of Japan in Toronto” was a full success.