Kimono Discovery in Canada


_ Unknown to the Canadian market
_ Need a platform to promote Kimono, test the market and engage with a potential clients
_ Need to stimulate the excitement around Japanese Culture

Client profile:
SaQrown japan Inc. operates a girl’s kimono media – KIMONO BIJIN. It is the first kimono social website with a mission to broaden the base of kimono; towards the dissemination of culture, reinvigorate traditional industries domestically and internationally for a brighter future. It is scheduled to release an English and Chinese version soon with an extended function and services.

CL solution:

CL Inc. designed with the concept of a unique event putting the KIMONO under the spot lights with educational and entertaining show mixing traditional and pop culture from Japan:
・Kimono Fashion Show
・Cosplay Fashion Show
・Awa-odori dance & Entertainment
・Dance & music performance
・Kimono fitting & Japanese hairdo
・Flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy
・Japanese traditional food and sake


Using CL Inc.’s  roaster of creatives  and expertise, SaQrown japan Inc. saved efforts, time and money and was able to test the market, engage with a potential clients and spread the cultural beauty of the Japanese traditional clothing through their target customers.