Japan Festival Mississauga 2016


_ Secure shows on the Main stage that is the heart of the festival
_ Make sure shows are on schedule and solve any unexpected issues
_ Find staff with specific set of skills and train them if necessary


Client profile:
Japan Festival Mississauga 2016 will be held in Mississauga city on July 10th, 2016.
The concept of this extravaganza event is to introduce and enjoy Japanese food and culture with the people and community. The event will be held at the award winning venue, “Celebration Square”, in Mississauga city.

CL solution:

CL Inc. took care of the coordination and the management of the main stage, the staffing, found perfect candidates for all the strategical position and trained them to make sure each single candidate understand values and goals of the clients to overcome their expectations.
_ Coordination of event onsite and prevent and solve any logistic, managerial and technical issues in real time


Using CL Inc. extensive network and expertise, Japan Festival Mississauga 2016 save efforts, time and money to find relay-able local staff with specific set of skills to manage the organization and flow.
Every unexpected issues as been taking care of in real time with discretion and without the audience and VIP artists noticing anything.
Over 40 000 people experienced Japan culture through perfectly coordinated shows.