ITOEN – Reception for Japan National Day in Ottawa


_ Unknown to the Canadian market
_ Need a platform to announce their presence in Canada to potential partners


Client profile:
Ito En, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational drinks company specializing in tea production, distribution, and sales. Ito En is the largest green tea distributor in Japan. The Ito En Group includes subsidiaries based in Japan, the United States, and Australia. Its products include unsweetened, bottled green tea and loose leaf tea. Ito En is currently the fourth largest soft drink producer in Japan, after Coca-Cola, Suntory, and Kirin Beverage.

CL solution:

CL Inc. scheduled ITOEN at the “Japanese National Day” organized by the government and introduced the company to over 250 guests including Officials and key players in Canadian market and beverage industry in Canada.
_ Set up of a stand with free drinks samples
_ Lunch Meeting featuring ITOEN Presentation
_ PR and Networking

collage - itoen


Using CL Inc. extensive network, ITOEN save efforts, time and money to connect with key players and officials from the Canadian market.